#1 Cosmetic Glossary: A-Z Best Makeup Terms

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Makeup is an essential part of a woman’s life or any individual who’s an absolute makeup lover. It has the power to make anyone feel beautiful, confident, and powerful.

Makeup can be used for different purposes. Any look can be enhanced using cosmetics to transform the way we look and feel about ourselves. Makeup can also be used to cover up flaws and enhance our features.

There’s always a first time for everyone in any field or interest starting their makeup journey, so to make it easy for all my makeup lover newbies, here’s the set of beauty glossary terms to make you aware and friendly with what goes in and around cosmetic or makeup products.

Introduction: What is Makeup, & How Can it Help You?

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“Makeup” is the term for cosmetic products applied to the face, lips, and eye area to enhance one’s appearance. It can be used to create a uniform look or as an artistic statement. A “makeup artist” is someone who does & creates makeup looks using a set of cosmetics/make-up products. This person might also be called a “cosmetic artist”.

There are numerous uses for makeup. It can be a tool for changing how we feel and look at ourselves. It also can hide imperfections and enhance our features.

Tools for Makeup

In this section, we will talk about makeup tools. There are many different types of makeup tools, but for this article, we will focus on the ones you will use to apply makeup to your face.

Although there are a bunch of beauty tool brushes and sponges available, you only need a few to get started.

Makeup Sponge / Beauty Blender

The quickest and easiest way to blend out foundation and concealer is with beauty sponges. But it depends on your choice of preferred tool to work with, and you can apply these products with a makeup brush.

Makeup Brushes

Don’t worry about buying expensive makeup brushes you don’t need. Essential makeup brushes include foundation, concealer, powder, or blush, and flat and blending eyeshadow brushes. You’ll be good to go if you can find a set with these.

makeup brushes for beginners
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Face Brushes are usually round and often have a flat surface to apply powder, blush, or bronzer.

Eye Brushes are usually thin and can be used to apply eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc.

Lip Brushes are flat with pointed ends and can apply lipstick precisely without getting it on the teeth or lips.

Fan Brushes are extensive and soft and can apply powder all over the face at once.

Facial Angled Brushes are used to smooth facial contours like the cheekbones and jawline.

Eyebrow Brushes have stiff bristles that come to a point and help with shaping and grooming eyebrows.

Tips and Information You Should Know before getting started!

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Basic Makeup Products

You can modify this checklist based on your personal preferences and spending limit. These are my basic product recommendations, which DO NOT include every type of beauty product; however, this list constitutes an ideal “kit” for beginners.


best makeup primer

A primer is a type of makeup applied to the skin before the foundation. Primers are used for many reasons – to even out skin tone, cover up blemishes, and provide a barrier shield between the skin and the foundation.

Foundation or BB Cream

The consistency and coverage of foundations are typically thicker than those of primers. Foundation comes in three different forms: liquid, cream, and powder. It lets you even out your skin tone and conceals flaws by covering your face.

BB creams are PERFECT for people who are just starting with makeup. BB Creams and tinted moisturizers provide light coverage without feeling heavy on the skin as wearing foundation.


A concealer is applied before or after the foundation to hide blemishes and dark circles under the eyes.

Face Powder

The powder is a beneficial product to prevent your makeup from smearing or wearing off too quickly. Applying a liquid or cream product to your face, such as foundation or concealer, can appear shiny and crease (especially if you have oily skin) due to its creamy nature. Dusting pressed or loose powder over the foundation and concealer will help it last longer.


Blush is applied by moving a small amount of blush from the apple of your cheeks to your temples and across your nose is a quick way to add colour to your skin.

Neutral Eyeshadow

basic eyeshadow guide
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Nobody can wear a pop colour eyeshadow every day, but you would likely use a neutral eyeshadow palette a few times a year. When you don’t usually wear eyeshadow, a palette with a few brown shades and a peach pink tone subtle shades will glam up your look.


Mascara can transform your look with just one product. Different mascara formulas lengthen, curl, or volumize eyelashes.


Brows are essential. The appearance of your eyebrows will transform the rest of your face and makeup.


Lipstick application is typically the last step in applying makeup and is covered by lipstick or lip balm.

The Basic Skin Care

A proper understanding of the significance of skin care is also necessary.

One essential skill you must learn is how to cleanse your skin and take off your makeup properly. 

If you wear makeup, you should remove it at the end of the day, as sleeping with makeup on can cause skin breakouts and acne or even worsen your skin condition. Therefore, I recommend taking good skincare pre and post-beauty product applications for your skin to remain healthy and nourished. Follow this read for a step-wise skincare guide, Build The Perfect 6 Steps Skincare Routine.

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