It may not sound unreal, but it might seem a difficult task to do and achieve on second thought, right? Don’t Worry! Just imagine your brow goals and get started with this guide on, How do you get the perfect eyebrows? for well-groomed & defined fuller brows perfect eyebrows shape.

perfect eyebrows model


Here’s a brief of about & use for the tools in a brow kit set.

Eyebrow tool kit

Slanted/Angled Brush

angled brush/ eyebrow brush/slanted brush

This looks very similar to the eyeliner brush, eases the application of outline, and fills in the eyebrows very precisely.


spoolie or mascara wand

Looks similar to a Mascara wand, generally a smaller version of mascara. It helps blend the application of harsh powder lines (if any) and keeps the brow hairs in shape.


This keeps your brow hairs intact and in place for well-defined eyebrows, mostly thicker inconsistency. Apply using a slanted brush.

Brow Powders

This comes in two matte shades one in lighter & the other in darker shades (brown, black, or beige).



Tweezers are used to grab and remove extra brow hairs for prepping the right eyebrow shape.

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Give Shape

Start by applying brow wax lightly with help of a slanted brush/spoolie over the eyebrows. This sets and holds the brow hairs in shape and place. 

Line Below

Draw a clean line below the eyebrows following the shape of the eyebrows, using an angled brush, pick the right medium to dark shade to outline. 

Line Above

Draw a clean line above the eyebrows following the shape of the eyebrows, using an angled/slanted brush, and pick the right medium to dark shade color to outline.

Fill In

With light handstrokes, fill in the eyebrows with the lighter shade to the inner brows(closer to the nose), and pick the darker shade when moving and blending towards the arch. Fill in the eyebrows using a lighter shade (as natural as your original eyebrow color, similar to your hair color).

Brush It

Brush through the eyebrows with a spoolie to get rid of excess product and soft blend on application, for perfect eyebrows natural.

Apply Concealer

For a sharp and clean look of the eyebrows, apply concealer (lighter shade) just below and above the eyebrows and blend well for that edgy-looking eyebrows.

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