Top 26 Makeup Hacks: That’ll Make You Pro In No Time 

makeup hacks and tips

5 Minute Best Beauty Hacks

makeup hacks
Makeup Product Hacks

The Best Makeup Hacks and Tips are the ones that are quick and easy to apply.

With these hacks, you can look good and feel good, be confident on the go and not have to spend a lot of time getting ready.

There are many 5 minutes makeup hacks for girls out there that claim to be quick, but they often require a lot of time and effort. These hacks may seem like a good idea when you’re looking for something new, but if it takes too long or is too hard then it’s not worth it in the end.

What Makes Beauty Hacks So Important?

Beauty hacks are essential to know as they can save you a lot of time and task effort. There are numerous beauty makeup hacks available to help you look your best. You can use them to embrace your existing beauty.

What Are Some Basic Makeup Tips That Will Make You A Pro In No Time?

These Beauty to Skincare to Makeup Hacks will not only save you from hard-to-do tasks but will make you an artist of makeup by knowing these amazing quick beauty hacks in a flash.

Since we all want to look our best and spend as little time as possible getting ready.

But with a busy schedule especially for working people, it can be difficult for them to manage their time.

The best time-saving beauty hacks will not take much time or effort.

And the good news is that there are quick beauty hacks that can help you get the looks you want in less than five minutes. Some of these Beauty Secret and Makeup Hacks are, below.

Hair Care Hacks

hair care hacks
Haircare Hacks
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1. To remove excess oil release and grease from your hair, use dry shampoo. (Or) You can use your regular talcum powder dust off the excess and dab the required amount over the greasy hairs.

2. Massage your scalp with a mixture of honey and olive oil to promote hair growth. 

Skincare Hacks

skincare hacks and tips
Skincare Hacks
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3. Keep your skin hydrated the whole day, by drinking plenty of water. 

4. Put on sunscreen before you leave the house – it’s essential! No matter what season is it.

5. Apply moisturizer before bedtime to achieve soft, supple skin in the morning. 

6. Vaseline is an all-time skincare product in use, from softening the chapped lips to healing the cracked heels.

7. For a smoother lipstick application, exfoliate your lips. Exfoliate your lips to make lipstick application easier. (Lip Scrub to be performed once a week maximum) 

Makeup Hacks

Eye Makeup Hacks

8. Apply red lipstick as a color corrector and hide dark circles like a pro.

For fair and light skin tones can use light red to pinkish tone lipsticks, people with medium skin tone can use maroon red lipsticks whereas for Dusky skin tone, can go with orange to red and peach coral as color correctors. 

9. Regenerate/Renew and extend the shelf life of your mascara with contact lens solution (or saline solution). 

10. Apply the Concealer in a triangular shape instead of dotting, to brighten the under eyes.
Know more, about Concealer Makeup: 3 Steps To Correctly Conceal The Under Eyes.

11. Use the white eyeliner to intensify and pop any eyeshadow shade. 

12. For bigger or wider-looking eyes, use white or any nude shade eyeliner on the lower waterline. 

13. Dip a wet eyeliner brush into makeup remove micellar water/normal water or set spray over the choice of eyeshadow, and make eyeshadow as eyeliner. 

15. Apply mascara to your bottom lashes using a tweezer to help make your eyes look more widened. (just like any beautiful anime girl character, [wink..wink..^-^] 

16. Let the eyelash glue dry for 30-40 sec before falsies application. 

Eyebrow Hacks 

17. Before tweezing eyebrow hairs with any eyebrow tools like a tweezer or plucker, rub ice over the eyebrows to make the tweezing less painful. 

18. Comb your eyebrows every day with a spoolie wand or brush, this stimulates the growth of brows, lushed and tamed looking.

>> Use a spoolie to keep your eyebrows perfectly groomed and shaped.

19. Promote eyebrows growth by home serum, apply castor oil or Vaseline leave it overnight, helps in locking moisture, and also restore and repair your brows.

Explore more on 6 Easy Steps to Perfect Eyebrows.

Foundation Hacks

20. Always apply your foundation before the concealer to minimize any discoloration or redness. 

Lip Makeup Hacks

21. Use lip liner to create a gradient lip effect. 

22. Lip liners can be used to make the lips look fuller in appearance. 

23. Dab translucent Powder over tissue onto your lips to set lipstick as matte and long-lasting.

Makeup Remover Beauty Hacks

24. Coconut oil is effective in dual ways as makeup remover leaving no residue of makeup dirt, and also as a lip balm for cracked lips and heels too.

The Quickest Makeup Tips and Tricks for a Natural Look With Products

A lot of women want to present their perfect almost every day.

But it’s not always possible to be fast enough along with carrying out other tasks as well.

Here are three make-up ideas and products to help you look your best, even if you don’t have much time to prepare. These are:

1. Use a tinted moisturizer

 A tinted moisturizer tends to be light in the formula, mostly suitable for all skin types gives a hydrated feel, and helps in balancing even skin tone.  It’s great for those who want to settle in less makeup rather than opting for full-face makeup.

2. Use BB cream

BB creams have the perfect blend of SPF and coverage, which makes them perfect for wearing during the day. They’re also ideal for those who don’t want to put on a full face of make-up. This is also best for fewer makeup wearers

3. Use long-lasting Makeup

One of the main reasons people don’t wear make-up is because they fancy themselves too young to have to worry about it every day.

         But, if you’re going to be wearing makeup, make sure it’s long-lasting! Here are a few more suggested tips for finding a long-lasting makeup that will also compliment your skin tone:

1) Stick to mineral-based make-up. This is because mineral makeup leaves your skin porous, which means that you won’t be wearing anything but your natural oil on your face.

2) To wear a primer, ensure that your make-up lasts the entire day without causing breakouts or large visible pores.

3) Apply eye shadow over the eyes with a brush in small batches. It makes it easier to blend.

4) As a final step, to seal the look use a makeup setting mist or spray to prevent it from creasing and set your make-up the whole day.


Now, you don’t need to be an expert in makeup artistry to make your daily beauty routine easier with these above beauty hacks and makeup tips. 

Start Carving Out Some Time For Yourself and Experiment With These Easy and Effective Life-Saving Tips. 

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