Easy Minimalist Makeup Look- 6 Steps Beginner Guide

the minimalist makeup look

Isn’t it strange that we would love to wear a minimalist makeup look that makes us seem like we’re not wearing any? Something that isn’t too heavy wearing makeup but also feels light, like there’s no makeup on!

It’s no surprise that the ‘No-Makeup Look’ is more of a fiction than reality.
In fact, it’s just another look that can only be created with makeup, of course, but definitely with the minimal usage of makeup products and not a lot of it.

To carry a minimalist makeup look approach, doesn’t mean that it would lessen or disgrace your beauty.

NO, Never Ever! Everybody is beautiful in their own ways and adding up little tints of makeup does no harm, instead, it’s there to enhance your beauty and to make you look and feel more confident in your own aspect.

And who wouldn’t like the minimalist approach to look their best and save their valuable time and little spending too?

The minimalist makeup look
Makeup Products

How to achieve the Minimalist Makeup Look?

The minimalist makeup look turns out to be a ‘Get, Set, and Go! Look’ for the makeup lovers who love to achieve the maximum out of the minimum, efficiently and effectively, as if nothing’s worn on the face. The appearance is achieved thanks to a few important approaches.

It is time to say goodbye to the dense makeup and to grasp the least makeup for your natural attractiveness.
So, let’s get going to unlock our minimalist makeup look approach!


To begin, a primer is the best technique to achieve a smooth base if you’re looking for a minimalist appearance. A primer will help your makeup seem smooth and fill pores without blocking them like a heavy foundation could, also lets your skin stay light and moisturized, primer acts as a shield between makeup products and your skin.
Tip: If you have normal to dry skin, you can use essential oil that best suits your skin type before applying primer.

BB or CC Creams

BB and CC creams allow your skin to remain moisturized and hydrated while still giving that dewy glow look to your face. To get better coverage, use a buffing foundation brush, or a sponge to hold the dewiness.


Use a lightweight, moisturizing concealer to correct any blemishes or dark circles and for highlights on high points of the face. For its application, would recommend gently using your fingertips to dab little product in dots to blend and this will instantly make your eyes look brighter and more awaken. To make it look more natural, set it (not bake) with powder under the eyes to avoid creases.
Tip: Use color correctors as a base before concealer to cancel out any skin discoloration issues.

Lip & Cheek Tint

Lip & Cheek tint allows you natural to have two-in-one things, that leave a blushing appearance on the skin. Apply small tints of liquid as a blush onto cheekbones in an upward direction for your face-lift, and directly on the bridge of the nose to get that rosy effect. For lips, apply like a liquid lipstick.


Enhance the beauty of your natural eyebrows simply, by brushing and grooming the brows and then lightly filling the eyebrows with a sharpened eyebrow pencil or any brow gel  (whatever suits you the best).


Apply a single coat that lifts and extends lashes naturally, while following coats would form a more dramatic look.
Tip: Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara if your lashes are naturally quite straight.

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