Concealer Makeup: Top 6 Steps To Concealer Application

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Your Imperfections Makes You More Beautiful, When Embraced Correctly.


Feeling under-confident? With those scars, blemishes or black spots, or dark circles (any of these) and don’t know how to hide or conceal them and with which right product? Here’s a brief know-how guide for you about the Concealer makeup applications that could save your beautiful looks for your big days.

eye-makeup concealer pot
Concealer Makeup Pots

What is Concealer?

A cosmetic product, i.e., mainly used for hiding or correcting (with color correctors) dark under eye circles, red spots (acne), large open pores, and other visible blemishes on the skin.

It’s also used for highlighting the high points on your face. It could be in various forms like Liquid, Cream, concealer sticks, Cream to Powder, and color-correcting concealer.

To-Dos Before Concealer Makeup?

For using any makeup product on your skin, always make sure to do the following rituals makeup basically,

  1. Prep your skin with a high-quality Moisturizer.
  2. Apply Primer, as it helps to fill open pores and gives a smooth canvas skin.
  3. Do Color Correctors (if required)
  4. Apply Liquid Foundation or any other type of foundation(as suited); the only key is to blend it well.
  5. Now, apply full coverage concealer to the correcting areas of your face and under the eyes.

Does Concealer Go On Before Or After Foundation?

Wondering about Concealer or Foundation first!
Well, Concealers are meant to conceal, correct, and hide the imperfections on the facial skin, while foundation acts to be the base — or ‘foundation’ — of your look.

Therefore, the importance of applying foundation before Concealer application on any blemish parts of the face allows the face to give the most natural-looking coverage and not a grey undertone coverage.

How to apply Concealer
Concealer Makeup

How To Apply Concealer – The Right Way?

Application steps of how & where concealer go:

  1. Primarily, dot the Concealer directly on top of the area that you want to cover up (under eyes).
  2. Secondly, blend it well, using either finger, a sponge, or a brush.
  3. But it depends on what you’re hiding or concealing. Blemishes require a small trick— apply it directly on the mark only, pat it with a sponge to diffuse and blend, and remember to be gentle and not rub over it.

Makeup Concealer Application Tips

How is concealer applied?
Conceal and Highlight the Application
  • Under the Eyes and around the inner corners of the eye.
  • Above and below the eyebrows.
  • Bridge of the nose and around the nostrils.
  • Around mouth corners.
  • Under the lower lips/center of the chin.
  • Centre of the forehead.

FAQ’s Answered

Best Concealer Tips and Tricks 

Q) How to stop concealer from creasing?

Apply the concealer only where required, i.e. on problematic areas of hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Use a damp beauty blender, add a very small amount of translucent powder to it, and lightly dab the powder on it, not setting or baking it. 

Q) How to set and conceal under eyes with dark circles?

Step 1: Grab a color-corrector of orange concealer as a corrector or use red lipstick as an under-eye color corrector (if no color corrector is available).

Step 2: Now dab the corrector or the red lipstick under the eyes.

Step 3: Apply concealer on top of it, and set it with a concealer brush or a beauty sponge.

Step 4: Further, set it with a translucent powder at the end.

Now you can also hide dark circles with not much effort just with the right shade of concealer for dark circles and hyperpigmentation.

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